Anseres is an analysis, prevention and protection agency dedicated to hybrid information strategies, i.e. those that cross the different information and information systems layers.

Anseres develops solutions to monitor, analyze and counter digital operations on all scales, whether they involve hacking, state influence operations, disinformation campaigns, destabilization or reputation attacks.

It analyzes, monitors, and maps all digital spaces, combining the most advanced technologies and human capabilities, including know-how in digital intelligence, reputation protection, influence communication, massive data analysis, and strategic intelligence to protect organizations and their leaders from new forms of digital risks.

It establishes partnerships with leading research institutions in order to develop its technological capabilities but also to support research on disinformation, its online diffusion, political polarization and algorithmic bubbles. It aims to inform public understanding of how information is influenced and modified on social networks.


(Latin for geese)

refers to Juno’s geese on the Capitol who saved the city of Rome from a planned attack by the Gauls by raising the alarm and attacking the attackers. The story is told in Livy (“anseres non fefellere” “But they could not escape the sacred geese of Juno”). With this name, the agency marks its corporate purpose of protecting and defending companies and their leaders against attacks, but also to put in place the elements of counter-attack to digitally stop and neutralize the attackers.