Our expertise

Technological innovation to understand, prevent and manage information crises

Digital - cyber crisis management

Digital – cyber crisis management: analysis and understanding of the crisis, identification of the actors involved, technical approach and communication strategy and counter-speech (crisis management, name&shame), hybrid crisis exercises.

Digital protection of sensitive individuals

Protection of sensitive individuals against digital risks (digital reputation, hostile cyber approaches, theft of personal data, hacking, intrusion…) and deployment of protection plans (for company executives and members of executive committees, members of government or boards of directors, shareholders, personalities…)

Protection against new information threats

Analysis and protection against disinformation operations, interference and destabilization: detection of disinformation, analysis of hostile ecosystems and illegal activist spheres, real-time monitoring of disinformation or destabilization campaigns targeting vulnerable audiences, identification and understanding of operating methods and methodologies.

Digital surveys and mapping

Digital surveys and mapping in social and open source intelligence (web, deep, dark): analysis of actor networks, competitive intelligence, digital due diligence, market studies, analysis of opinions, emotions and digital feelings and their dynamics over time.